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An enveloping hug

A unique boutique gift project that unites products originating from the surrounding settlements 

Next to works of art that commemorate the beauty of the area.


The project was established with the aim of supporting local manufacturers and entrepreneurs and the affected residents of the surrounding area. 

The humanitarian aid organization to give, the "wrapping memory" project of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem and the Israeli association for mental health are taking part in the project.

Contributing to the Community

A significant part of the project is giving back to the community. Therefore, most of the revenues are transferred directly to producers from the affected communities, as well as for the benefit of Israeli associations that provide support and assistance to the victims:


60% from the revenues - to producers and entrepreneurs from the surrounding 

10% From the proceeds - a donation to the organization to give - immediate assistance to the residents of the Otaf and the security forces

3% From the proceeds - to the Anush association where the packaging work is done in the activity centers in the south

Wrapping Memory Logo
Bezalel Academy of Art logo horizontally
Anush the Israeli association for mental health
Logo of the association to give a square

enveloping memory

"Enveloping Memory", an illustration project of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, which seeks to commemorate the beauty of the land surrounding Gaza before the terrible disaster that occurred there on Saturday, October 7, 2023, in order to raise donations for the affected residents of the area.

Voluntarily participating in the project are lecturers, fourth-year students and graduates from the Department of Visual Communication in Bezalel.

Our cases
To make it easier for manufacturers In the seventh stagethe sale to orderand concentrated only. Minimum order 50 cases of a type.
The prices do not include VAT.

לרכישה - לחצו על אחד המוצרים או צרו איתנו קשר בתחתית העמוד.

לקוחות ממליצים

נועה למברט

"נטע יקרה, שמחנו מאוד לפגוש אותך. המשלוחים, הגלויות והכתוב כל כך מרגשים ומשמחים. תודה רבה על המיזם הזה. מאחלים לך ולמשפחתך ולכל עם ישראל פורים שמח ובשורות טובות״

חיה ר.

״תודה רבה, קיבלנו פידבק מדהים על המארזים ועל המיזם המדהים והמרגש שלך!מתפללים לבשורות טובות״

איריס ה.

"קיבלנו היום את המארזים והם מקסימים, אני ממש שמחה שבחרנו בהם״

אנני, אייפקס

"הגיעו כל הדברים, נראה  מהמם ומגרה, תודה רבה
הגלויות זה משהוא מיוחד ומצמרר״

Get to know the producers and entrepreneurs

There is a special charm in a gift that also includes giving

  I have carefully collected and selected the products for the shii cases. Each of the producers and entrepreneurs has their own special love story and all of them together represent the best of the produce and abundance of the surrounding area. 

An enveloping hug - a contribution to the community

    An important part of the project is giving a donation to organizations that work to provide direct and immediate aid to the affected communities

Get to know the organizations and ventures that take part in the project

Who is behind the project?

  Neta Lin Cohen, an architect graduated from Bezalel, one of the founders of the "Meshk Lin" company,

Director of the Gifts from the Heart project.


"For over 30 years I have been developing, producing and marketing unique culinary gifts for organizations and individuals out of love and passion and always with a connection and contribution to the community.

After the terrible disaster on the Black Shabbat of Simchat Torah, I decided to help as best I could and try to small manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the affected areas to create unique jewelry boxes that combine boutique products with works of art, where together they bring to the forefront all the goodness and beauty that surrounds, the combination of material and spirit.'

נטע לין כהן מנכלית משק לין_900x600-r.jpg

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  • Who are the gift packages for?
    Our Gift Packages are intended for companies, organizations and donors in Israel and abroad. The gift packages are suitable for employees as holiday gifts for Purim, Pesach, Shavuot and Rosh Hashanah. They are also suitable for business customers as thank you and appreciation boxes and as gifts for conferences and particularly important events. The gift packages can also be ordered for entire communities as well as for combat units in the IDF and security forces. Communities and families in Israel and abroad who wish to support and strengthen individuals and families who have been affected can order our gift box that combine a donation to the affected communities with real assistance to producers and small entrepreneurs from the region.
  • Are the products in the packages kosher?
    All products in the Gift Packages are kosher for the whole year under the supervision of the local rabbinate. All products are also kosher for Passover except the beers. Some of the products are under the supervision of the Department of Health. For a full list of qualifications see here: Olive oil - “Bitan HaBad” - Sdot Negev Rabbinate, Meshek Habib - Kosher Mehadrin Rabbinate Merhavim, Mesk 61- Rabbinate Kiryat Gat. Boutique wine - Nahal Grar Winery - kosher Mehadrin, Merhavim Rabbinate, Shakma Winery - local Rabbinate Ashkelon. Ramat Negev Winery - local Rabbinate Ramat Negev Honey - from "Erez" apiary - local rabbinate Sdot Negev Crackers - Zagdon Brothers - Sha'arit Israel, Kosher, Strictly Kosher Rabbinate of Sdot Negev, Beit Yosef (for some products) Spreads and jams - Francesca's Market / Farm 61 - Kosher Fur Rabbinate Be'er Sheva (including Passover) Beers and cocktails - Isis Brewery - Kosher Rabbinate Eshkol (not for Passover), Ben & Tonic - Kosher Fur Rabbinate Ashdod, Beit Yosef Badatz, Badatz “Mahzikei Had
  • What is the percentage of the donation to the organization to give in each case?
    The donation rate to the organization "Let's Give" is 10% of the income of all boxes. The donations are all intended for immediate assistance to the affected communities.
  • What is the procedure regarding orders and deliveries?
    Ordering Gift Packages- starting in February 2024 and first come, first serve! Stocks are limited and sufficient time must be estimated in advance for production and delivery. The delivery of the Packages - about three weeks from the date of the order starting in March 2024. Bulk delivery to companies - NIS 400 before VAT. Delivery of packages to the home - the responsibility of the orderer.
  • What are the payment terms?
    Our payment terms are 70% upfront uponorder and the balance 30% on delivery. These terms are set as the payment for the products is transferred to the manufacturers immediately at the time of ordering to support them at this time.
  • Is there a minimum order?
    Yes, minimum order of each package type is 50 units. The reason for this is that we make efforts to make it easier for the manufacturers and allow them to be prepared in time for the production and delivery of the products in a centralized manner. This allows them to concentrate on their business and not on sending small quantities every time.
  • Do the prices on the website include VAT?
    No, the prices are intended for companies and business organizations and do not include VAT
  • Is the composition of the products in the package fixed?
    The type of products is fixed but the manufacturer of a given product (e.g honey, olive oil) may change depending on stock and availability at the time of ordering. A missing product is replaced by an equivalent product of the same type from another manufacturer. For example: extra virgin olive oil that is out of stock from one manufacturer will be replaced with olive oil of the same quality from another manufacturer from the package. All of the producers that are taking part in the project are shown on the information homepage.
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